Collaborative Workshop on "Conservation Principles, Data, and Uncertainty in Atmosphere-Ocean Modelling" a full success

Our fifth annual workshop was held in collaboration with the SFB 1114 "Scaling cascades in complex systems" and the SFB 1294 "Data Assimilation" in Potsdam, Griebnitzsee Campus, April 2-4 2019.

Over 100 scientists from all over the world gathered in Potsdam for the collaborative annual workshop.The topic of the workshop was "Conservation Principles, Data, and Uncertainty in Atmosphere-Ocean Modelling".

This three-day workshop reviewed our state of knowledge on energy budgets and energy transfers in the climate system and how they are represented in current computational models. The physical principles of these transfers and their numerical representation have been discussed. In addition, stochastic modelling and data assimilation schemes received particular attention in this context, as these are key to representing and controlling model uncertainties.

Find here the presentations with permission given to upload. Thanks to everyone who made this workshop happen!