Retreat in Jesteburg from everyday life

Our first TRR 181 Annual Retreat took place at Tagungshotel Jesteburg in the German Nordheide starting September 11 to 12. About 60 participants met in Jesteburg to collaborate and learn about the TRR 181 disciplines.

The Retreat was dedicated to science, organizational tasks and networking. Nearly all young researchers of our project and two third of the PIs could attend the Retreat, helping to foster the communication between the TRR locations.

Internal and external speakers gave introductions on the overarching topic "Mathematics and climate sciences - Opportunities and Problems". Futhermore, there was a talk on "Gender Awareness". After the talk the whole group split up in two separate groups: one group of PIs and Postdocs (they discussed about practices and policies in science) and one group of PhD students (they discussed about the definition of Gender Awareness).

We had a good and informative time together, thanks a lot to everybody who participated and helped to create a friendly atmosphere!

A full and detailed report on the Annual Retreat can be found in our new newsletter!