Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023

Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023 to be held in Hamburg in a hybrid format (online and offline).

Eddies and Waves: Theory, Models, and Observations


The workshop is aimed at enhancing our understanding of the interactions and energy transfers between the mesoscale (balanced) eddies and (unbalanced) internal waves, their generation and dissipation mechanisms, as well as their relevance to the global energy cycle. This workshop is a continuation of a series of international workshops within the framework of the collaborative project TRR-181 "Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean", on the topic of eddies and internal waves encompassing theoretical, modelling, and observational aspects.

Rotating, stratified geophysical flows in the atmosphere and the ocean are dominated primarily by two components: the low frequency balanced and the high frequency unbalanced motions. While the balanced state in geophysical flows describes the dynamics and energetics of the low frequency flow, the definition and diagnosis of the balanced flow remains debatable both from mathematical and physical perspectives. At the same time, the co-existing unbalanced motions significantly influence the energetics of the flow but their detection and interpretation, as well as their interactions with other motions and the resulting energy transfers continue to pose many open questions.

With this meeting, we intend to bring together the recent advancements in oceanography, meteorology, and geophysical fluid dynamics in the context of aforementioned topics, such as flow decomposition methodologies, wave and eddy parameterizations, eddy-wave interactions and energy transfers, by combining theory, models, observations, and novel developments in data science.

You can find the meeting program here