Hamburg COMMODORE conference

The conference is organized by the TRR 181 and held at the MARKK Museum in Hamburg.

The Hamburg COMMODORE Conference invites model developers working on all scales and compartments of the ocean, as well as applied mathematicians working on alternative discretisation techniques and/or simplified equation sets relevant to ocean modeling.

The conference is held at the MARKK museum.

After the great success of the first COMMODORE Workshop in Paris (Website; Meeting report) in Paris, the second workshop will be organised as the Hamburg COMMODORE Conference during 28-31 January 2020. This Hamburg Conference will be co-organised by the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 181 "Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean", the Leibniz Institute of Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde and Inria.

The focus of the COMMODORE workshop is on numerical solution techniques of the partial differential equations that govern the ocean circulation from coastal to large scales. COMMODORE aims to share experience on numerical model development, perspectives on future model developments, and common test-cases to evaluate numerical models.

Specific topics are

  • numerical methods
  • filtered equations
  • structured/unstructured grids
  • non-hydrostatic effects
  • large eddy simulations
  • high performance computing

and the consistent coupling between numerics, parameterisations for unresolved processes and the representation of specific processes.

The workshop aims to establish a more systematic bridge between methods used and developed by the applied math community and the ones used in realistic oceanic models.

Contributions from the atmospheric research community are welcome to foster more systematic communication between oceanic and atmospheric numerical modelers.

Contributions to the consistent coupling of hydrodynamics with biogeochemistry and other Earth system components are also welcome.

More information follow soon.