TRR 181 @ Forschungsmeile, Maritime Woche in Bremen

Numerous research institutions from Bremen and Bremerhaven including TRR181 are participating in the research mile as part of the Maritime Festival Week 2022. Together with MARUM we will join the Forschungsmeile at Schlachte in Bremen.

The research landscape of Bremen presents as part of the Maritime Festival Week the research mile (Forschungsmeile). The Forschungsmeile on the Weser promenade on 23 and 24 September large parts of the research landscape of Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Numerous maritime-oriented science institutes await visitors to show their work in a playful and entertaining way. In 20 pagoda tents at the lower Schlachte you can experience the work of the participants and even try it yourself.

In the pagoda tent from MARUM you can meet us, talk to TRR scientist Stephan Juricke and coordinator Jennifer Fandrich.