TRR 181 Seminar "Rockall Bank: Funky ocean physics, deep ocean mixing and cold water coral biogeochemistry"

The TRR 181 seminar is held every two weeks in the semester and as announced during semester break. The locations of the seminar changes between the three TRR181 locations, but is broadcastet online for all members of the TRR.

The TRR 181 seminar is held by Dr. Frédéric Cyr (Aix-Marseille University) on

Rockall Bank: Funky ocean physics, deep ocean mixing and cold
water coral biogeochemistry

at Universität Hamburg, on January 12 at 10 am, Bundesstr. 53, Room 24 (ground floor).


The Rockall Bank is located in the North Atlantic, North-West of Ireland. This region is known for hosting topographically-trapped diurnal tides. Such tides are generated by a resonant amplification of the diurnal tidal component in the nearby Rockall Trough. The current amplification is such that diurnal currents largely dominate over the semi-diurnal component along the slopes of the bank. This causes the diurnal shoaling of large (>100m) bore-like structures (e.g., breaking internal waves) on the deep slopes of the bank. Observations from a high resolution thermistor chain suggest that these highly energetic motions cause increased buoyancy fluxes, which in turn leads to high turbulent mixing efficiencies. Implications for deep ocean mixing will be discussed, as well the intimate relationship between these trapped waves and the large cold-water coral colonies found on the slopes of Rockall Bank.