TRR 181 Seminar "A new framework for the parameterization of gravity waves for the atmosphere"

The TRR 181 seminar is held every other week in the semester and as announced during semester break. The locations of the seminar changes between the three TRR181 locations, but is broadcastet online for all members of the TRR.

The TRR 181 seminar is held by Matthäus Mai (Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics, PhD in W1) on June 20, 11 am at Universität Hamburg, Bundesstr. 53, room 22/23.


Gravity waves play an important role in the energy cycle of the atmosphere. They exchange momentum and energy with the mean flow due to wave breaking and wave reflection. These effects need special parameterization in global circulation models (GCM) which resolve only a small part of the gravity wave spectrum. The novel concept is based on the description of the whole wave field by the wave-energy density in wavenumber and physical space, and its prognostic computation by the radiative transfer equation. The parameterization will include all relevant gravity wave sources continuously in space and time in a single framework. In a first step the behaviour of the wave field is investigated for simplified sources and atmospheres.