"Turbulence and Waves" Workshop

Our project members meet at the Literaturhauscafé in Hamburg to talk about the fundamentals of our project.

The idea of the workshop is to have talks concentrating on the fundamental principles in the TRR followed by extensive discussions. We decided on an unconventional structure for this kind of workshop: The presenters have 45 minutes for their talks, followed by 45 minutes of discussion.

 We start the day at 10 am with a talk by our Postdoc Claus Goetz on the TRR mathematics, this is followed by "Wave and turbulence in the Ocean/Atmosphere" by Friederike Pollmann (Postdoc) and Almut Gassmann (PI). In the end we dive deeper into the ocean with a presentation on "Mesoscale dynamics in the ocean" by our Postdoc Nils Brüggemann. We finish the day at 6 pm.

In the evening we have an early TRR christmas gathering.