Area M: Mathematics, New Concepts and Methods

Area M represents the foundation of our project. The scientists in that area work on new mathematical concepts and numerical methods to be tested in the other project areas. Thus, it forms the basis for future work.

Interdisciplinary approach

Applied mathematicians and experts from geo sciences are working together in area M, to foster an exchange with the other research areas and to transfer knowledge between the different disciplines. By working on consistent model formulation, new and consistent parameterisations and numerics for both atmosphere and ocean, the mathematicians can help climate scientists improve their models and thus enhance climate projections.

Specific research questions in Research Area M are:

  • What is a mathematically and physically consistent model formulation for the different dynamical regimes and their interaction?
  • Can we formulate better and physically consistent sub-grid scale parameterisations for the interaction between different dynamical regimes?
  • Can we develop better numerical schemes?