Art&Science Event: "Choreatmosphere" at Hochschule für Musik und Theater (HfMT) in Hamburg

In February and May there were two presentations of the Art&Science Project with multimedia composer Victor Ernesto Gutiérrez Cuiza aka VictorPiano at HfMT Hamburg.

Text: Jennifer Fandrich

In the last weeks we had two successful presentations of the Art&Science Project. In February there was a first presentation of the music piece “Choreatmosphere: spatial intuitions of energy” by Victor Ernesto Gutiérrez Cuiza aka VictorPiano. The multimedia composer worked closely together with our TRR Phd Valentino Neduhal. This 20 minute piece is divided into five smaller movements. Valentino and Victor created a very atmospheric piece with data from Valentino and his supervisor Nedjeljka Žagar. In a room full of speakers in a 360 degree arragement at Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg we listened to the composition that also included a live performance of flute player Gabrijela Sušek. Currently Victor is working to transfer the piece to a stereo system, so that it´s possible to listen to it also without this very specialised 360 degree speaker system. The audience was touched and fascinated after each of the three presentations – Nedejljka even said she could hear the gravity waves – that is of course the expert scientist speaking, but it was incredible fascinating to hear the sounds moving through the whole room. We hope now to be able to present this piece to a wider audience again some time.
It was wonderful to finally be able to see the results of another successful collaboration and also how the fundamental science of our project can be transferred in such new ways and thought patterns. Valentino and Luby told me they enjoyed working with the artists very much and from what I can tell, the collaborations even may have opened new thought patterns on both sides. I would like to thank everyone and especially the ones I haven't named in the text for being part of the projects and help realizing these events. We are looking forward to more repetition of these events and of course also new projects.