Report - Research Stay in San Diego by Zoi Kourkouraidou

In February 2024, Zoi Kourkouraidou did a research stay at the SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography in San Diego, USA.

Text: Zoi Kourkouraidou 

Last February I had my first research visit. After participating at the "Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024" in New Orleans, I crossed the continent and landed in beautiful San Diego, California. I visited the MOD Lab at SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography, a team of oceanographers, engineers and PhD students who work on multi scale ocean dynamics. 

Most specifically, I visited Dr. Amy Waterhouse who arranged for a rich and very fruitful schedule of meetings with both senior and early career researchers both from SCRIPPS and also from the University of San Diego (UCSD). I had the chance to learn about their work, was given a nice tour through their lab and also attended some of their seminars and one PhD defence. At the end of the week I was given the opportunity to present my own work in the CASPO seminar, where I got many interesting questions and inputs for my research. 

The week went by very fast unfortunately, but I'm still very grateful for having the chance to network with so many researchers, learn about their science and visit this legendary institute! On top of these, I will certainly not easily forget the beautiful walks along the La Jolla beach, the stunning sunsets and the unique experience of going surfing during lunch break! 

I am thankful to Amy for hosting me and taking care of my schedule and of course to the CRC181 for the funding.