Art&Science Event: TRR theatre play “Die weiße Wand” at Thalia Theater

End of April 2022 theatre play “Die weiße Wand” was presented at Nachtasyl in Thalia Theater in Hamburg.

End of April then there was finally the presentation of theatre play “Die weiße Wand” at Nachtasyl in Thalia Theater in Hamburg – director Woody Mues developed together with writer Peter Thiers and TRR member Luby Bing aka Bing-ying Lu from University Bremen the play: „Die weiße Wand“. It was an evening of storytelling. About seaman’s yarn, monster waves and the question of whether we meet in fiction or in reality. Increasingly drunk, barmaid and sailor try to find each other. Lies and truth wrestle with each other - until the wave breaks. It was a full success – sold out for the premiere it was a good start into the evening.
In a long queue on the stairs to the rooftop club in this beautiful building we waited in line to check in to the event. It was still under corona restrictions, so wearing the mask except while you are drinking was mandatory. Around 80 people gathered in Nachtasyl – that is a place with a bar, where usually plays or club nights take place. Actors Cathérine Seifert and Max Kurth gave an incredible intense and at the same time humorous performance. Director Woody is planning on presenting the play at a festival in northern Germany in summer and Thalia Theater Team is thinking about another presentation in fall. From TRR about 15 scientists have been in the audience – even some who didn´t understand the German text – Luby and Manita Chouksey have already ideas to translate this piece into an English version. This is work in progress.
It was wonderful to finally be able to see the results of these collaborations and also how thefundamental science of our project can be transferred in such new ways and thought patterns. Luby told me they enjoyed the working with the artists very much and from what I can tell, the collaborations even may have opened new thought patterns on both sides. We would like to thank everyone and especially the ones I haven´t named in the text for being part of the projects and help realizing these events. We are looking forward to more repetition of these events and of course also new projects.