New publication by our PI Gualtiero Badin

Our PI Gualtiero Badin published a new paper in "Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical" titled: "Geometric Lagrangian averaged Euler-Boussinesq and Primitive Equations" together with our PI Marcel Oliver and Postdoc Sergiy Vasylkevych.


In this article we derive the equations for a rotating stratified fluid governed by inviscid Euler–Boussinesq and primitive equations that account for the effects of the perturbations upon the mean. Our method is based on the concept of the geometric generalized Lagrangian mean recently introduced by Gilbert and Vanneste, combined with generalized Taylor and horizontal isotropy of fluctuations as turbulent closure hypotheses. The models we obtain arise as Euler–Poincaré equations and inherit from their parent systems conservation laws for energy and potential vorticity. They are structurally and geometrically similar to Euler–Boussinesq-α and primitive equations-α models, however feature a different regularizing second order operator.

Download the full article here