Report - Annual Retreat 2022 in Damp

From September 27-30, 2022, the Annual Retreat of our TRR 181 took place in Damp, Schleswig Holstein.

Text: Paula Bäurich, Student assistant

The Annual Retreat started on Tuesday afternoon in Dampland, which is located directly on the Baltic Sea. The arrival to Damp by train was different than planned due to a delay. Nevertheless we could start punctually at noon with the registration of all participants and the following lunch. After the welcome speech by speaker Carsten Eden, area M gave a presentation on their current research. This was followed by the area T presentation and the first Poster Session. The day ended with the movie “Picture a Scientist” as a preparation for the Gender Awareness Workshop that took place on Wednesday.

The second day started with the presentation of area W and L. After lunch break, Lisa Horvath and Sabine Blackmore gave a Workshop on Sexual Harassment in Academia which consisted of a lecture part and a group work with a very lively discussion on the situation in the TRR. After that, the second Poster Session took place and we ended the day with an informal Postdocs and Young Project Leader Q&A with Project Leaders.

On Thursday, the area S presentation took place. This was followed by a discussion on all areas and phase 3 of the project. The afternoon began with the areas breakout sessions, after which breakout sessions on different topics took place: SONETT observations, SMT-WAVE, Outreach, Climate model development and collaboration and TRR Wiki. Then, Bjorn Stevens, who was invited as a guest from MPI-M, gave a lecture on “ICON-S, energies and synergies”. A third poster session followed and in the evening, we had a barbecue together at the beach. Despite the somewhat cool outside temperatures the evening offered a nice opportunity to sit together comfortably with all project members.

The last day started with a presentation by Lea Diederichsen and Jennifer Fandrich who gave an insight into their tasks in project coordination. They emphasized a very important point: Please always enter your subprojects in your publications so that they can be credited to the TRR (to stress this point again J) After that, the career path workshop with focus on academia took place, for which Claudia Stephan, Jan O. Haerter and Melinda Galfi were invited as guests. Before the last lunch there was a brief summary from the last days including a short presentation from all breakout groups. Early afternoon the bus arrived to take us back to the train station in Eckernförde, from where we all started our journey home.

Thanks everyone for participating and make this Retreat again a very enjoyable meeting.