Report - Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023: Theory, Models, and Observations

The Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023 was held from February 14-16, 2023 at Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.

Text: Manita Chouksey

The meeting covered varied topics on eddies and waves in geophysical fluid dynamics encompassing theoretical, modelling, and observational aspects. This meeting is a continuation of a series of international workshops within the framework of the collaborative project TRR-181 “Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean”. I have been organizing similar meetings on topics related to eddies and waves previously on ‘Flow decomposition methodologies’ (2018, in-person) and ‘Eddies and Waves’ (2021, virtual). This time Stephan Juricke (Constructor University and AWI) co-organized with me the Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023, which was a hybrid meeting with about 150 participants from around the world and multiple time-zones.

The scientific contributions of the meeting participants helped enhance our understanding of the interactions and energy transfers between the mesoscale (balanced) eddies and (unbalanced) internal waves, their generation and dissipation mechanisms and relevance to the global energy cycle, as well as shed light on emerging machine learning applications.

Overall, the meeting program involved 43 talks and two days of poster session, including five keynote talks from the invited speakers: TRR181 Mercator Fellows: Kevin Lamb (University of Waterloo, Canada), Jacques Vanneste (University of Edinburgh, UK), and Laure Zanna (New York University, USA); Jen-Ping Peng (University of Western Australia, Australia), and Jenny Chang (Princeton University, USA). The meeting also included a conference dinner and a pub-quiz organized by TRR181 PhD candidates as social networking events.

The success of the Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023 is a motivation to continue organizing such meetings in the future and bring together the state-of-the-art scientific research worldwide on this meeting platform.

The help and support of the TRR181 coordinator Jennifer Fandrich and student helpers Lev Kneller and Paula Bäurich is sincerely acknowledged. I thank all the participants of the Eddy-Wave Meeting 2023 for their contributions and look forward to meeting you in the next meeting. The meeting details as well as the book of abstracts can be accessed here: