Report - Research Stay in Miami by Janina Tenhaus

In August 2022, Janina Tenhaus did a research stay at the Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. SUSTAIN Laboratory in Miami, USA.

Text: Janina Tenhaus

Last year I was asked if I would like to participate in a wind-wave project at the Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. SUSTAIN Laboratory in Miami, USA, for three weeks. After listening to the song "Miami" by Will Smith several times, I felt well prepared and started organizing the trip, especially the funding by the TRR. The wind-wave tank is top-notch, and I was very excited when everything was approved. After my arrival, I met the scientists from Columbia University, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire, and of course University of Miami. From now on, we spent almost every day in the dark lab with no daylight – thanks to the Particle Image Velocimetry measurements. Outside it was summer and mosquito season, so we did not complain much. We survived working on weekends with strong Cuban coffee (do you really want the real one and no sleep for a week?). But the experimental work did not only take place in the lab; discovering the great dive sites of Miami was also part of my tight schedule. Shortly before my return flight, we cooled the tank, whereupon it began to leak as all the silicone seals contracted. This reminded me of the rainy weather in Hamburg, and I knew it was time to come home. I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend everyone not miss the opportunity to do a research stay.