Report - Young Researchers Meeting and M-Day

The Young Researchers Meeting (YRM) and the annual M-Day took place in Hamburg on Dec 8 and 9, 2022.

Text: Florian Noethen

YRM 8 Dec 2022

The Young Researchers Meeting (YRM) took place in Hamburg on Dec 8, 2022 as an addition to the M-Day. It started with a talk by our invited guest Anna Paola Todino (University of Milano Bicocca) on flexible-bandwidth wavelet-type transforms, which was open to everyone as part of the TRR Seminar. 

In the afternoon, the YRM was restricted to the group of PhDs and postdocs. This allowed for a relaxed environment in which the voice was given to the young scientists without possible pressure from their supervisors. 14 young scientists from or associated to the TRR joined to discuss their research. Marc Tiofack Kenfack presented his results on the spontaneous generation of gravity waves by balanced flows and Ekaterina Bagaeva told us about Eddy parameterization for different scales applied to the double-gyre. After a coffee break, Erika Henell directed an interactive softskill course to improve our presentation skills through nonverbal communication.

A large portion of the participants ended the day with a visit to a Christmas market in the city center, before having to rejoin next day for the M-Day.

M-Day 9 Dec 2022

The annual M-Day took place in Hamburg on Dec 9, 2022. Among the 24 participants were mainly mathematicians from the TRR, however, there were also some external scientists joining for potential collaborations. In the morning, Sergey Danilov opened with a talk on unstructured meshes and effective resolution followed by Jörn Behrens on multi-scale methods for transport dominated equations in geoscientific fluid dynamics. 

The program continued after lunch with discussions and breakout groups. In order to use our time effectively, the breakout groups were preassigned during our regular online meetings of area M and were tasked to prepare in advance. During the first breakout session, we divided into groups discussing several planned or potential collaborations connecting the different subprojects of area M. The second breakout session and final part of the M-Day focused on ideas and planning for a potential third phase of our TRR.