Workshop a full success

Last week over 100 scientists from all over the world gathered in Hamburg at the “Haus des Sports” for our third annual workshop on “Energy transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean”.

The topic of the workshop was the energy cycle in atmosphere and ocean. This included the interaction of different dynamical regimes such as gravity waves, small-scale turbulence and geostrophic flow, new parameterisations, the formulation of consistent models, but extended also to new numerical methods, and other aspects of geophysical fluid dynamics and the climate system. 

It was our biggest workshop yet with 35 talks and 21 poster. Invited keynotes were given by David Marshall (University of Oxford), Malte Jansen (University of Chicago), Claudia Pasquero (University of Milano-Bicocca), Florian Lemarié (INRIA), Geoffrey Vallis (University of Exeter), Beth Wingate (University of Exeter), Jörn Callies (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Remi Tailleux (University of Reading).

The program was a nice mixture of oceanographic, atmospheric and mathematical talks and the breaks were used for intensive networking between the different disciplines. The poster session was held on Thursday afternoon and was accompanied with a dinner buffet. Several young researchers had the opportunity to present their work to a larger audience with a talk or poster and received insightful questions or remarks.

Many of our project scientists attended the workshop and presented their first results. Contributions included talks by our postdocs Julia Dräger-Dietel, Janna Köhler, Sergiy Vasylkevych and Knut Klingbeil as well as poster by our PhDs Denny Gohlke, Federica Gugole and Thomas Reitz and Postdocs Zhuhua Li and Valerio Lembo.

We like to thank all participants again for their attendance and their contribution to a successful workshop. We are looking forward to meeting you in 2018!