Collaborative Workshop on "Scales and scaling cascades in geophysical systems" a full success

Our fourth annual workshop on "Scales and scaling cascades in geophysical systems" was held from April 4-6, 2018 at "Haus des Sports" in Hamburg, Germany.

Over 100 scientists from all over the world gathered in Hamburg for our annual workshop.The topic of the workshop was "Scales and scaling cascades in geophysical systems".

Complex processes involving cascades of scales pose ubiquitous challenges in natural science research. Often the smallest and largest scales are widely separated in such processes, as e.g. for the different dynamical regimes in atmosphere and ocean: gravity waves, small-scale turbulence and geostrophically balanced flow. Interactions between the smallest, largest, and intermediate scales connecting different dynamical regimes challenge our established theoretical or computational tools and the formulation of consistent models.

Find below the presentations with permission given to upload as well as some impressions from the workshop in a picture gallery.



Brian Arbic (University of Michigan)

Global modeling of the oceanic internal gravity wave spectrum USING: Realistic HYCOM and MITgcm Simulations

Victor Avsarkisov (Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik, Kühlungsborn)

Analysis of length, time and velocity scales in the Mesosphere

Gualtiero Badin (Universität Hamburg)

Asymptotic scale-dependent stability of surface quasi-geostrophic vortices: semi-analytic results

Erich Becker (Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik, Kühlungsborn)

Small-scale and large-scale secondary gravity waves in the middle atmosphere
Manita Chouksey (Universität Hamburg)Downscale energy transfer from balanced to unbalanced regime
Giovanni Conti (Universität Hamburg)Velocity statistics for point vortices of the local
alpha-models of turbulence
Stamen Dolaptchiev (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)Stochastic subgrid-scale parameterization for one-dimensional shallowwater dynamics using stochastic mode reduction
Julia Dräger-Dietel (Universität Hamburg)Impact of filaments on the relative dispersion of surface drifters in the Benguela upwelling region
Christian Franzke (Universität Hamburg)Systematic Decomposition of the MJO and its Northern Hemispheric Extra-Tropical Response into Rossby and Inertio-Gravity Components
Boris Galperin (University of South Florida)QNSE Theory of Turbulence in Rotating Fluids and the Nastrom & Gage Spectrum
Michael Haigh (Imperial College London)PV redistribution by localised transient forcing in the shallow-water model
Uwe Harlander (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)Laboratory experiments to study gravity wave emission from baroclinic fronts
Illia Horenko (USI Lugano)Towards a scalable multiscale analysis of geophysical data
Milan Kloewer (University of Oxford)Energy budget-based backscatter in a shallow water model of a double gyre basin
Christian Kühnlein (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)Simulating all-scale global weather with the Finite-Volume Module of IFS
Valerio Lembo (Universität Hamburg))Wave decomposition of meridional energy transports in northern hemisphere midlatitudes
Erik Lindborg (Stockholm University)Weakly or strongly nonlinear mesoscale dynamics?
Dirk Olbers (AWI)Energy transfers in internal gravity wave spectra
Josephine Park (Imperial College London)Lagrangian Transport in an Idealised Meandering Jet
Sahani Pathiraja (Universität Potsdam)Model Uncertainty Quantification for Data Assimilation in partially observed multi-scale systems
Martin Pieroth (Goethe-University Frankfurt)Climate-Dependence in Empirical Parameters of Subgrid-Scale Parameterizations using the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem
Mads B. Poulsen (University of Copenhagen)A geometric interpretation of vertical structure and eddy-mean flow interaction in the Southern Ocean
Juliane Rosemeier (IPA Mainz)Behaviour of Cloud Models as seen from Asymptotic Analysis
Piotr K. Smolarkiewicz (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)Perturbation equations for all-scale atmospheric dynamics
Rémi Tailleux (University of Reading)Multiscale partitioning of available potential energy in energetically consistent models
Alexandra Tzella (University of Birmingham)Reactive front propagation in periodic flows for fast reaction and small diffusivity
Jacques Vanneste (University of Edinburgh)Scattering of internal tides by geostrophic flows
Sergiy Vasylkevych (Universität Hamburg)Lagrangian averaged Euler-Boussinesq and primitive equations
Stephanie Waterman (University of British Columbia)A geometric decomposition of eddy-mean flow feedbacks
Junhong Wei (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)Efficient modelling of the gravity-wave interaction with unbalanced resolved flows: Pseudo-momentum-flux convergence vs direct approach

Yik Keung Ying (University of Edinburgh)

Bayesian Inference for Ocean Diffusivities
  • The Workshop begins...

  • the venue "Haus des Sports" in Hamburg.

  • Carsten Eden - Speaker of TRR181 -

  • Stephanie Waterman - Invited speaker

  • Brian Arbic - Invited speaker

  • Pavel Berloff - Invited speaker

  • Jacques Vanneste - Invited speaker

  • Dirk Olbers

  • Boris Galperin

  • Victor Avsarkisov

  • Uwe Harlander

  • Julia Draeger-Dietel

  • Josephine Park

  • Mads B. Poulsen

  • Milan Kloewer

  • Valerio Lembo

  • Rupert Klein

  • Sahani Pathiraja

  • Martin Pieroth

  • Juliane Rosemeier

  • Michael Haigh

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